High Intensity

  • Body Burn - your heart rate will be up and you will feel the burn! 3-5 exercises per set and each set will have some form of cardio acceleration where the heart rate will get elevated quickly
  • Get ready to build strength, endurance and feel great with some circuit training using dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes and the TRX! This class features a combination of strength and cardio inspired exercises and is guaranteed to generate some serious caloric burn. All levels welcome.
  • Get ready for a highly effective, high energy workout. Designed to burn max calories with multiple circuits of cardio and strength. Intense indoor cycling drills will get your heart pumping and the strength circuits will tone your entire body. Using the MyZone Heart rate monitor, you'll have access to relevant effort-based data to help push your limits and reach new heights.
  • Zumba® is a perfect workout for everybody and every body! This fitness class combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility all while rocking out to both low- and high-intensity Latin, World, and Pop rhythms.