As a mother of three, Emily Burgess knows what it’s like to try and get back in shape time after time, after time. After the birth of her youngest, she wanted to get her body back, so she started running...then exercising...and then clean eating. Once she started to see changes in herself, she knew she wanted to help other people find their way to health too.

Emily loves being able to share what she loves, and help others on their health/fitness journeys. Helping her clients feel more comfortable in their own skin and find their self-confidence is her favorite part of being a personal trainer. And while Emily’s life outside the gym is very busy—she still loves to sneak a run or hike in at Cowles Mountain. While she doesn’t have as much time to dedicate to distance running at this point, she has run 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon and 1 Ragnar.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine—Certified Personal Trainer